We work primarily with transportation planning and the use of transport systems. This is done by building transport models as a decision-making tool to be used by e.g. the authorities

Transport planning necessitates benchmarking of different infrastructure projects, assessment of different taxation policies and assessment of effects related to a changed population. These things, among others, require models and methods that capture the complexity inherent in travel demand in such a way that forecasts are representative for the population. This theme is concerned with research on models and methods that are theoretically well founded (can give research merits), can integrate the many dimensions of travel demand for a large population, and address relevant policy issues. 

In addition to research on models and methods another activity is to apply models in order to support political decisions and to measure impacts of such policies meeting the requirements of clients in terms of computation time, usability and flexibility. These activities are crosscutting – involving  participation from different research disciplines such as decision-support, road safety, transport modeling, impact assessment and economy.